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The lounge

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*party* [Mar. 10th, 2017|08:17 pm]
The lounge

*has ordered a massive four tier cake with 100 candles, which is sitting on a wheeled tray, ready to be taken upstairs to the party*
*is busy working on a separate, also quite large cake that she made herself, for the kids to destroy and nom for breakfast/lunch*
*licks some frosting off her thumb and wipes the rest off on her apron*
*pours herself another coffee*
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MEMO [Jan. 11th, 2017|06:12 pm]
The lounge

To: Tony Stark
From: Phil Coulson
Re: Pretty please?


For the last time, no, you may not start making sentient robots again, not even "just a little bit." I don't care how many brilliant ideas Fitz has had on the matter, we've discussed this. At length. The no robots rule still applies.


To: Leo Fitz
From: Phil Coulson
Subject: Really?


For God's sake, stop encouraging him. NO ROBOTS.

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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2016|11:25 pm]
The lounge

*has a very quick shower and pulls some jeans and a shirt on*
*talks to Doreen for a sec, telling her vaguely that Natasha is back but not to be disturbed*
*looks in on the kids and promises to play with them before dinner*
*goes down to Rebecca's apartment and knocks*
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2016|05:51 pm]
The lounge

*goes home to freshen up quickly*
*goes to Steve and Bucky's apartment and rings the bell*
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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2016|01:10 pm]
The lounge

*wakes up in Rebecca's bed with her still sleeping on his chest and Cat curled up on his thighs*
*checks the time and groans*
*kisses Rebecca on the forehead*
Hey, sleepy.
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(no subject) [Jun. 16th, 2016|04:07 pm]
The lounge

*shows up at Peggy's apartment on the dot of the agreed time, with a bunch of wildflowers and roses*
*runs his hand through his hair and knocks*
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*night off* [Jun. 8th, 2016|11:44 am]
The lounge

*drops his bag on the coffee table in Rebecca's apartment as Peggy leaves*
*closes the door behind her and smiles at Rebecca*
What a day, huh?
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*later* [May. 2nd, 2016|10:41 pm]
The lounge

*knocks on Rebecca's door late in the afternoon, a few hours after Bucky's left*
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*lunch date* [Apr. 26th, 2016|09:06 am]
The lounge

*spends the morning playing with the kids and sorting through the deliveries for the playroom*
*texts little Steve*
Hey baby, I'm having
lunch with Becca, can I
pick you up after so
we can start this room?
xxx Buck.
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*bowling* [Apr. 22nd, 2016|12:22 pm]
The lounge

*returns from his shopping expedition with a large bag, which he instantly deposits in his room for safekeeping*
*comes back, wearing a blue and red retro bowling shirt with 'Bucky' embroidered on the chest and a giant tacky heat printed picture on the back of several pins being aggressively knocked over by a Captain America themed bowling ball*
*holds up the 'Steve' version*
I got you a present.
*turns it to show the back*
It's not even custom made, this was just one of the options available right there in the store.
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